Being Asexual

It seems unfortunate homosexuals and lesbians will soon completely left alone. After the sights of sociologists, doctors and fans preach strict moral principles was a new category of sexual minorities - the so-called asexuals.

According to the calculations of statisticians, asexuals belongs to every hundredth inhabitant of our planet. Bombshell made a respectable audience in the statement of the British scientists found that the population of the world emerged and are actively growing movement under the slogan "We do not need sex!".

Representatives of sexual minorities is still preached exclusively platonic relationship with the opposite sex. In their view, the relationship between man and woman should be based solely on emotional closeness. This and only this love, they say, may be the most robust and complete.

The public tried to suspect asexuals latent homosexuality. But there it was! It turned out that they are equally and do not recognize sexual contacts with persons of their sex. And then the eyes of the uninitiated turned to doctors and psychologists. All interested in the answer to one question: "How to treat them?"

... Doctors refuse to acknowledge asexuals mentally ill ... In the normal range

Participants of the World sexological Congress held in Montreal, came to the conclusion that asexuals are divided into two categories. One sex is not necessary for medical reasons: lack of sexual desire may occur due to neuroendocrine disorders and organic diseases of the brain and spinal cord due to intoxication and depression. Others want their policy statements just to attract attention. But this humanity has already passed: enough to remember the punks with their green and pink crests of hair.

At the same time, doctors refuse to acknowledge asexuals mentally abnormal. And doctors can understand well, how can you call people crazy just for the fact that they have some kind of a proactive stance! After all, we do not believe someone just crazy because he does not like to sing, and after singing - is also one of the natural human desires.

However, a fly in the honey relationship to be proud of asexuals still there. According to some psychologists, the basis for this behavior lies biomedical pathology. Often sexual disorientation associated with serious psychological traumas and complexes acquired in childhood or adolescence.

The world the basic instinct

So maybe asexuality - is a good reason in order to create a sublimation of some dizzying masterpiece in art? That is to say, to direct energy for peaceful purposes. It does not work. That's how people that any work that lies outside of sexual relations and has no basis in sexual context, is flawed initially - in nature. And here the examples not far to seek: it is unlikely we would admire such masterpieces as Petrarch's poems, or paintings by Rembrandt, if they had no overwhelming physical attraction to their muses - Laura and Saskia.

So while asexuals can only hang out in the clubs of interest and attract attention for the unusual hearing philistine policy statements. And all the rest - to shake his head in amazement, exclaiming after Madame Orlovich from the movie "Pokrovsky Gates": "High ... High attitude!"

Dating for 6 months

We met for nearly six months, but never even kissed. Afraid? Shy? I decided to make the first step and a romantic summer evening on a park bench stretched lips to his ... - What, you like someone else's saliva to swallow? - I recoiled my beau. - This is disgusting!

Sex is disgusting

- About sex I think even disgusted - began his story of 32-year-old programmer Michael. - People should not act like animals, sex life inhibits spiritual development. I'm a virgin and will remain so forever. Asexuality - is the victory of the soul over the body. And sex - a waste of effort, time and money. Michael - not a monk, a celibate, not crazy and not even impotent. Girls do not scatter in all directions when they saw him in the street. The proof of that is sitting next to him pretty brunette Nastya, his wife.

Normal Family

- We have absolutely full family - says Anastasia - just sleeping in different rooms. Neither I nor my husband did not suffer from lack of sex. This impotent bad, they want to but can not, and we can, but just do not want to, there's no need. Misha, I do not perceive as a sexual object and as a person. This is perfectly normal.

Life without sex is much easier

- Do not you understand! Life without sex is much easier and more convenient - convinces me Nastya. - Do not be afraid of dangerous sores, unwanted pregnancy. In addition, most marriages fail from the changes. And I know that Misha will not run in the side. I have one friend recently found her husband in bed with two girls at once. Is it better? Incidentally, many women complain that they do not want sex, but husbands force them. And I do not have to be litter. We Misha very much in common - we love to swim, ride horses, to travel, so this is a real intimacy!